Talia’s first step (10th May 2007)

My Talia girl took her first baby step today. She crawled! Praise the Lord!

Initially, she bounced her body using her stomach. Then she pushed up her chest using her hands (straighten) and finally she lifted up her backside and pushed her body forward. I was thrilled.

I did not managed to capture it digitally as I didn’t want to miss the real actions. Here are some photos taken this morning.

Talia 10 may 2007

I’m in surfing paradise!

Talia 10 may 2007

Who needs a surf board when I have a white seal?

Talia 10 may 2007

Did you see me flip? That was fun!

Talia 10 may 2007

Daddy, are you done yet? I’m sleepy already.

The Studious Lil Talia Ann

I got Talia Ann the bumbo seat so that she could sit up and watch the world go by…*grin* well actually so that she can finally read her books sitting up and boy does she like reading! or at least for ALL that 20 seconds she is willing to sit in the chair until she squirms like there are ants in her diapers!

Talia Ann Reading

That’s her “twinkle twinkle little star” book, you can choose to have it either sing out the entire song or only have the music accompaniment (where mummy can belt out the song in her glorious voice!!! haa!!!)

The bumbo seat is meant for babies from 4 months to 14 months but as it is right now, I have problems “detaching” Talia ger from the seat when I want to lift her up, somebody has to grab the chair to pull it from her! *peers at her FAT thighs and shake head*

Talia Ann reading and laughing

Hearty Smile

When Talia was 1-2 months old, I was worried because her smiles were brief and few. Why isn’t she smiling more? Is she not happy? Is there anything I should do?

Confession: I actually used my 2 pinky fingers to stretch the ends of her mouth upwards to teach her how to smile. Of cos it didn’t work.

One morning, after her first feeding….she stared intently at one corner of our bedroom. Then she smiled and she smiled & smiled. We looked but saw nothing. There was nothing there at all. Just the plain corner of the room. Everything is white in color.

Both Jaime & I agreed it must be her guardian angel or maybe Christ Himself. Well, since that day, Talia smiles. She smiles at every little thing. Sometimes, she smiles with her mouth so wide, we can’t even see her eyes.

Talia’s 1st solo night

Talia Ann was 3 months old yesterday (ok, almost 3 months since Feb has only 28 days).

For the first 6 weeks of her life, she was sleeping with the confinement lady. Since then, Jaime & myself took turns to sleep with her in her bedroom. That’s to ensure one of us always have a good night sleep to care for her the next day.

talia first solo night

She started sleeping overnight from week 7. There were nights that she will wake up at around 5am to talk to herself, we just watched & listened to her in the dark till she fell asleep again.

She has being sleeping very well for the last 3 weeks, so we decided to let her experience her 1st solo night. Baby monitor installed and sound test began. A set of crazy parent making all kinds of sounds just to test and locate the best position to place the transmitter .

All done, we went to bed with anticipation. Before we knew it, Zzz monsters came and kidnapped us into dreamland. We woke up in the morning to find a happy and smilling baby kicking in her colt. She smiled when she saw us, it was a lovely smile. We truly enjoyed the moment, the celebration of our baby crossing over to the next stage of her life.

The flying mat

I missed all the fun when Jaime & Talia Ann went for another baby gathering. This time was at Bukit Batok. There were 8 babies with 8 or more adults.

Talia Ann baby gathering at Bukit Batok

Jaime brought our Korean Pooh bear mat and all 8 babies enjoyed themselves on the flying mat. That had a moment of kicking and soon fell asleep one after another. Maybe the flying mat brought them to the land of Winnie the Pooh.

Here is a closed up on Talia Ann and her new friend, Magdalene.

Talia Ann baby gathering at Bukit Batok

One of the daddy did a video clip and loaded up on myspace. They are all so cute, how I wish I was there. Now let’s see if you are able to spot my Princess Talia.

Baby gathering @ Bukit Butok

Abuse of authority by CISCO Traffic Warden

Inspired by the recent handphone video clip uploaded to Youtube.con entitled “Abuse of authority by Singapore Bus Service Traffic Wardens“, I’ve decided to share my little collection so as to bring about the awareness of the constant abuse of authority by traffic enforcement officers themselves. I also like to highlight that any traffic offences they have committed should not go unpunished.

Here is the case of a repeat offender, a CISCO officer.

I’ve taken a number of photos of illegally parked CISCO motocycles in the same area. I’m very sure it’s the same CISCO traffic warden committing the offence.

It was always illegally parked around the same area with double yellow lines. On one occassion, 2 minority race teenagers shouted towards the lower floor of a HDB flat attempting to alert the CISCO officer when I took some photos. They try to stop me and even raise their fist displaying a threatening pose.

I’m very certain the CISCO warden was not on duty, but rather went home for personal matters.

I’ve taken more than 25 photos over a period of 2 mths and for two occassions, the illegally parked motorcycle was there for an extended period of time i.e. I saw it when I went out and it’s still there when I came home.

Those 2 offences were committed on 22 Dec 2006 and 31 Dec 2006.

22/12/2006 @ 20:04
No. plate: FS 6762 Z

Both number plates were different, but I have my reason to believe it’s the same CISCO officer. I urge CISCO to check and verify the indentity of the offender and made know to the member of the public and myself the punishment given. If I do not hear from CISCO within 7 days, a former police report will be made.

31/12/2006 @ 13:03No. plate: FS 6774 P

I cannot tolerate such abuse of authority by Traffic enforcement officers and I urge all Singaporeans to harness the power of your digital cameras and make citizen report via any new media you are comfortable with.

I also like to solicitate views & comments from readers of this post.

Do you think traffic enforcement officer should be punished for committing traffic offence?

Have you seen similiar traffic offence committed by them on the roads of Singapore?

PS: I have notified Paul Chong, CEO of CISCO and Richard LIM Cher Khin – Head Investigation & Violation Reports (Singapore Traffic Police) about the above mentioned incidents and waiting for their reply.

Baby’s Room

Last week, Jaime organised a gathering for some new mummies at Globetrotters family restaurant, United Square. I think about 16 mummies showed up with 16 babies. I did not join them since it’s a all mummies affair, just left Talia & Jaime at the enterance of the restaurant and I decided to go for a quick lunch.

On my way down, I was distracted by the new “Children” area and decided to take a quick look. There were many new shops targetting Parents. Nothing new except that I noticed the sling baby carrier by Moms in Mind was sold in one of the shop. We visited Moms in Mind’s shop at Jalan Pemimpin a few times, but it’s always closed and we keep forgetting which day it closes.

The other shop that I took noticed was Growing up Gifted, a pre-school center + kindergarden. I heard some good comments about them before and decided to pick up some brochures. Frankly, I was not too impressed by what I read. It’s just some common sense parent-child interactions which I’ve already plan to do with Talia.

On my way to the little boy’s room, I saw a sign that read Baby’s Room. I pressed the entrance button and a Malay aunty cleaner stopped me. She said “Mothers ONLY!” I pointed at the sign and said “Baby’s Room. Your husbdand never change your baby’s diaper?”. Her facial expression seem to say “yes”, but she got my point.

I told her I’m checking it out as I’ll need to change my baby’s diaper, make milk and feed my baby here some day.

Ok, back to the Baby’s Room in United Square. I’m impressed by how spacious the room is. The are 3 diaper changing counters, a sink, a Hot/Cold water dispenser, padded benches and 3 nursing rooms. Unlike the yucky nursing room in Suntec City, they have rubbish bin to dispose dirty diapers.

The lighting is nice and warm. The ventilation was good.

I like the little privacy design for the diaper counter, but the excessive wall mirror was an overkill. When a crying baby see another crying baby in the mirror, what will he/she do? Cry louder.

I know the ID intention was to make the room look larger, but the room is already large enough to start with.

Overall, I’m please with this baby’s room. It’s one that left an impression and will encourage my family to shop & dine in United Square more often. Three stars for the Management of the Mall.

Daddy’s wallpaper

Today, Talia had her first English e-lesson. I borrowed some ideas from Glenn Doman , but decided to do it my way.

It’s a paperless flash card system using powerpoint. Blacken top & bottom showing only a white strip with single red word in large font. Ok, I know I’m not the first, there must be others who have done that as well.

The first 5 words Talia read were, Daddy, Mummy, Dog, Milk & Jesus. Simple words, but it took me a while to shortlist the 5 words from a pool of 20+ words. The powerpoint flash the words at 1 second exposure each while I read it out loud, I looped 3 times.

Talia starred at the flashing screen. I’m not sure what she got, but just went ahead to quit the powerpoint after the flashing. She suddendly smile.

I looked at the screen and wondered. Could she be smiling at Daddy’s wallpaper? Did she recognised herself? Can’t be right?

Anyway, I turned her around and snapped this picture. She was a little shocked!
Talia with daddy's notebook

Random Photos since Christmas

We always wanted to have a new born baby laying below our Christmas tree on Christmas eve. This year, it really happened.

Talia under Christmas Tree

The chubby white seal came to visit, so did the brown doggie. Cookie girl was upset and wanted to be in the picture.

She chased away the brown doggie and said, “I’m the real sherpard dog.”

Talia Ann and Cookie girl

One morning, I found Talia sleeping soundly…showing off the new chinese character 大 that she learned in Dreamland kindergarden.

Talia's asleep

When I first installed the mobile, I was worried as Talia did not respond much to the moving dolls. Then, one afternoon I caught her playing with them. Moving her head and eyes as the dolls (Pink Monkey, Green froggie & blue birdie) parade before her.

Talia watching mobile

Found Talia her exploring her toy in her mouth, while she rest comfortably in the sofa. Suddendly, she drop the toy as if saying “No, daddy. I wasn’t eating the toy.”

Actually, I won’t stop her from exploring with her mouth. That’s the nature way of developing immunity. As infant mouth different objects and takes in small amount of germs, the antibodies in her will fight against the invaders and quickly gain lifetime immunity against them.

Talia resting after meal

A contented 曦恩, resting and smiling after she finished her 奶奶.

Here is another sleeping shot. She was so sleeply that morning when we took her and cookie for a morning walk in upper pierce reservoir.Talia was wearing the Osk Kosh B’Gosh jumper with a giraffe on it.

It was the very 1st thing we bought for her before she was even made.When we decided to become daddy & mummy, we simply when shopping and bought this neutral colored jumper. We prayed and claimed a healthy baby in Jesus name and Talia Ann was the blessing that followed.

Sleeping Talia