Where will happiness strike next?

Unlike OCBC TV ad’s empty promises and unwilling fullfillment, as always Coke delivers!!!

Kiddie classes and Ishi Mura

I can still remember it wasn’t too long ago I was exploring some of the kiddie classes I can send Talia to and now the time has come for me to start scouting around for kiddie classes for the boy!

The July mummies-kakis organised a private trial for kindermusik. Talia went for one too when she was around this age too. So I kinda know what I am getting myself in when I decided to join with the boy. Another body building session for me to say the least!

Before the class, balls were unleashed upon the babies and they were fascinated!

Warming up with balls before the class started

And to add to the hoisting here and there, I had to do the shuttle run to grab the boy as he dashed around the room exploring!

Tata mummy!

The class involves a lot of carrying the baby and either hopping to the music (the mum! not the baby!) or swinging them to and fro or sitting in a circle with lots of singing and with actions to boot as well! The boy was generally able to sit through it except he was extremely vocal (I am not sure if its from pleasure or displeasure) with his loud exclamations! and when he got bored, he would be off scooting off somewhere again!

Honestly I am not too sure how beneficial they are for a 9 month-old baby! I mean there must be benefits in terms of exposure and socialising, but the other things like music and rhythm appreciation, I am not so sure! But I really think its a great way for the mummies to meet each other! *Grins*

After the class, we went to this new Japanese-concept food court called Ishi Mura at the ex-Paradiz centre (whatever its new name is now) and thought the place was pretty cool.

Nice decor, clean and new tables and chairs. The prices of food are foodcourt prices and I think the quality isn’t half as bad given that kind of prices.

Nice wooden decor with Japanese lanterns

Hey! this is bigger than me!

Ciao! See ya again soon!

The ngor hiang that made me cry…

I think it’s no secret that I simply lurrrrve my confinement auntie. She is dependable, has 20 years of experience handling newborns, humorous, cooks the yummiest food and absolutely has the highest EQ that I have seen in any person! Anyway, what I am writing about now is the ngor hiang she made!

During the last confinement with Talia Ann, before she was due to leave, she made many delicious ngor hiangs and stored them in the fridge so that even when she is not here, I can enjoy her good food. But alas when she left, I cried for 2 days and after I stopped, my mother-in-law took out her ngor hiang to steam and when I saw them on the dining table, I bawled again! Think I must have scared her! hehe!

So for this time round, auntie made her famous ngor hiang again! and she especially made 5 skinny ngor hiangs for the little girl, without all the pepper and seasonings! When it was placed onto her plate, she didn’t pay much attention to it. I broke off a small piece for her to eat and after that she decided she didn’t want to eat anything else except that! She grabbed the whole ngor hiang in her hands and started stuffing her mouth with it! With every mouthful, her eyes would crease in sheer ecstasy and she would go yum yum yum yum! She is such a foodie! It was so fun watching her eat that ngor hiang!

What is this yummy thing?


chomp chomp chomp!

I could eat 10 of this!

so there you go! the ngor hiang that made her mama cry is making the baby girl smile!

Feeding headaches! and new table and chairs!

The past week the little girl suddenly decided she will no longer be the docile little baby when it comes to feeding. She has decided that food that comes from anybody else’s hand is yucky and must be spit out! And food must be eaten in order, cannot be mixed! And being vegetarian is cool! arrrgghhh!!!

So with her fork, she will poke poke at her veggies and feed herself and you cannot offer her rice when she’s eating her veggies, or she will even spit out her veggies. Firstly she will eat her capsicum, followed by corn, then carrots. If the carrots are too hard, after chewing, she will spit out too! No meat on her fork please, if accidentally she gets meat onto her fork, she will use her other hand to swat it away!

After she realised that is no more veggies on the plate, you can offer her rice nicely. If she is in a good mood, she will eat a few mouthfuls, if not will spit everything out too!

I’ve been told by my mummy kakis that their babies have been doing this for the longest time already and I am to be welcomed most warmly into their club! oh geez! The girl will act up once in a while in the past when it comes to feeding but she can be pacified or distracted with a song or dance routine or a new toy or nicer food. Now, no way! no song or dance or the yummiest food can deter her from her new assertion of her independence.

We were at Ikea yesterday and spend 1 hr in the cafetaria where she self-fed herself capsicum, carrot and potatoes and bread, in that order thank you very much! After that she took a few mouthful of rice. But at least she was happy and we just need to occasionally catch the falling carrots coming from her mouth! sigh!

Oh we have been hunting around for a little table and chairs for her and we found something we like at Ikea yesterday. And how the girl enjoy shopping at Ikea!

zooom zoooom….

turn and turn…

When she saw this study room setup with the computer on the table, she insisted to be put in the chair. That’s what she has been doing at home all the time too. She will dash to the study room and insist to be put at the computer while she pounds away at the keyboard as though she is typing some important document!

Typing away…

Oh back to the table and chairs, we bought a white gulliver table and 2 minden red chairs!

The new table and chairs…

I hope Talia will have a great time at her table, doodling, drawing, playing! YEAH!

Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day

Time passes so fast, it was just like yesterday when I brought Talia Ann to United Square for her 1st Free Cone Day. She was only slightly over 4 months old, a sweet baby sleeping quietly in her stroller. Nope, she did not get to taste the yummy Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

Tomorrow, my Talia is going experience her first Free Cone personally!

Ben & Jerry’s will celebrate their 30th birthday on the same day. It start at 12 noon and end at 7pm.

My latest intel told me the flavours that will be served are: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, New York Super Fudge Chunk, Strawberry Cheesecake and Chunky Monkey.

Please do not go to the Ben & Jerry’s outlet, “The Ranch Home” at Dempsey Hill. No free cone there.

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Steak craze

Since our favourite uncle ‘chef’ quitted from The Grill Western Food, a kopi tiam western food store at 567 Balestier Road, we’ve being searching for a good (inexpensive) black pepper sirloin steak replacement. It must be in a casual setting that we can dine wearing burmudas and sandals.

Kopi tiam based Botak Jones cannot make it as their standard dropped like crazy. I chance upon another kopi tiam based Western Food stall just opposite ‘Chomp Chomp’ and gave it a try. Ordered a medium rare steak and was very satisifed with what I was served. I returned 2 days later with my mum, but the cook was not able to replicate what he served me previously. I gave them another chance returning with Jaime…OMG, I nearly throw the hot plate back at the waiter. I ordered medium rare and they served me a well done steak, no wonder they took over 40mins to prepare it.

We decided to go back to town and found Phin’s Steakhouse along Liang Seah Street to our liking. The setting is casual enough, the steak is good and the prices affordable.

Phin's Steakhouse

Sirloin steak with mushroom sauce

We enjoyed the Sirloin steak (not black pepper), but hate the parking along Liang Seah St.

Not giving up on our search, we decided to check out UNO Beef House at Toa Payoh. It’s part of a kopi tiam sharing the tables & seatings, but occupied a partitioned with it’s own shop front. The place was crowded. Everybody seem to be ordering western food from UNO. We noticed at least 6 tables with 3-4 pax each who were not served their food yet. We looked at each other knowing it’s gonna be a long wait.

We ordered black pepper tenderloin steak and it took more than 30 mins for the food to be served. It came with a sizzle, but one look at it, I know it’s not gonna be ‘Black pepper‘ enough for me. The taste comfirmed my observations. They shouldn’t have called it black pepper tenderloin steak.

I must say, the steak was surprisingly tender and juicy. I ordered medium rare and it’s done just right, however, the hot plate was too hot and the steak turned medium half way through. A nice little touch was the giant pomme noisette (fried potato ball) instead of the usual mashed potatoes. It was buttery and smooth inside, and crispy on the outside. I like it! Yummy!!

It was really not what we were looking for (black pepper), but we returned 4 times within the last 3 weeks and brought others with us. We forgot to take any photo of the steak due to the waiting…and me didn’t want my medium rare to turn medium. In fact, for the last meal, I ordered rare and it was perfect for me as I could enjoy the steak slowly.

The ample parking lots could also be a draw for returning.

Our search is still on. I heard the unlce (The Grill) is cooking for a western food stall in Yishun, if anybody reading this know where he is, please post a comment. I really missed his black pepper sirloin steak.

Next place to try, Tims Restaurant & Cafe at blk 95 Toa Payoh Lor 4.

Picnic at Upper Pierce Reservoir

One of our Saturday morning ritual is to go veg out at Upper Pierce Reservoir, bring the Saturday papers, get ourselves a drink and spend the entire morning there. We love the calm quietness of the waters and the nice morning breeze and last Saturday morning, bb philson and bb megan came along with their parents with us for a picnic there.

What could be more important than food at a picnic? The babies had a chicken, egg yolk and cheese sandwich to start it off.


That’s philson chomping the last of his sandwich!

phil's sandwich

and that’s the girl with the last bits of egg yoke on her lips.

talia's sandwich

then the girl had strawberries!


and a pack of barley drink!


oooh! what a lot of food they had!

but our little Miss Megan wasn’t interested in any of those! she only wanted the fried bee hoon!


And she wasn’t interested to stick her butt on the mat as well! Both Philson and Talia were sticking very close to the mat as all the food was there but it was more than a few times I could hear Calynn going…WHERE IS MY DAUGHTER? She barely had time to gobble down one sandwich before dashing after her daughter herself! AHH! what bliss for Dee and Me! We almost didn’t leave the mat at all as we were just stuck on the mat whacking all the food!

Well, we had sandwiches with ham & tuna & lettuce & tomatoes & cheese, fried bee hoon, salad, grapes and glorious strawberries!


That’s my sandwich!

my sandwich

After the food, the babies alternated between chasing bubbles, or watching the fishes and prawns in the reservoirs. Strangely there were no monkeys found near us that morning. After running all over the place, it’s time for a nap. Mine didn’t need much persuasion, just a few little pats on her fat little thighs and a slave fanning her with a paper plate, she fell asleep. Philson needed a bit more work, his daddy had to carry him for a while before putting him down on the mat as well!


ahh! our little Miss Megan must have aircon, so her parents have to go take a spin with her in the car before she fell asleep!

Mine slept the longest for about 1hr! When the kiddos woke up, off we packed and dashed off for our lunch at the Casuarina Roti Prata shop! OH yes! We could still eat after all those food! *beams*

and the kiddos all had their porridge lunches too! What a fun and fulfilling morning!

This dee smsed me the next day and asked me when are we doing this again! As her boy went back and slept the entire afternoon and slept early that night too! *beams again*

Macaroni with meat

Experimented with the little girl’s menu during the last weekend.

We sauteed the minced meat with a bit of olive oil and then added in pureed tomatoes and boiled macaroni!

She screwed up her face at the first few mouthfuls and fussed a little bit in the beginning. I guessed she was not used to having something other than her porridge but eventually she finished up 2 whole bowls of that macaroni.

I think I will try mozzarella with macaroni the next time round!


Self feeding

The little girl is a very good girl when it comes to food. She is not particularly fussy about food just that I think given a choice between pork and fish, she will choose pork! During our new year dinner, she was given a delicious platter of baked salmon with potatoes and carrots.


She wouldn’t even eat her favourite carrots because it stank of salmon!


Don’t think she particularly enjoy cauliflower as well. Apart from that, feeding her is relatively a breeze.

Recently when we feed, we need to introduce another spoon for her to help “mix” the porridge and even more recently she has taken to feeding herself. You can imagine the mess! but then again, this is another development milestone and one we should encourage so I am gritting my teeth and bearing it for the while.

Travelling…and missing the baby

Last week I went off to Shanghai again. This time, unlike the trip in May, I could do without my Ameda pump, milk bags, sterilizing bags, ice brick etc. (hehe! all the extra space to bring back lotsa stuff for the baby!) And although I did missed the baby a lot but it was really a lot easier to bear compared to my last one where I moped the entire time and didn’t even have mood to go shopping.

This was how my baby looked when she sent me off that morning. Nay! she didn’t cry. In fact, she never cries when I wave bye bye to her even when I go off to work every morning. I guessed I should be grateful that I get a big smile instead of loud wailings!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

This was a comparatively longer trip compared to the ones I normally do but I dashed out at every opportunity to get stuff for the baby…clothes, chinese books, knickknacks etc. There were lotsa yummy food but I only remembered to take pic for one particular meal.

This gruesome looking pic is actually 八宝鸭 hehehe! it’s duck stuffed with glutinous rice and tasted simply heavenly. Not forgetting the little interesting 上海小菜 as well.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Saw this cute little teapot and cups! Purrfect for 敬茶 don’t ya think?

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

oh! i must also mention the fantastic (read:cheap) foot massages I did in Shanghai as well!

And the cutest thing is I came back to a baby with 2 front teeth growing out! and the strangest thing was that it’s the upper 2 front teeth. I think Talia ann is the only baby amongst the Dec-babies-gang with upper front teeth growing out first, normally it’s the bottom ones that will pop out first. YEAH! my baby is no longer “BO GAY”! 🙂