Digestive system science project

Primary three has drawn to a close for the little girl. It was uneventful for her, except when she cleared the first round of the GEP screening and had to go for the second round. I would have known that I have a genius under my roof, wouldn’t I so I wasn’t surprised that she did not clear the second round.

One of the more interesting projects during the year was the digestive system apron project for Science. We used old toys and recycled materials for ours. I thought she looks so cute wearing hers!


Goodbye 2014! Hello 2015!

I was glad to see the end of 2014 and looking forward eagerly to the coming of 2015! I am holding on tightly to Pastor’s declaration that 2015 would be a year of His restoration!

To celebrate the end of the year, we were invited to Gina’s place for dinner. We were so impressed with what was whipped up by the helper. Apparently, before joining Gina’s household, she worked for a family from Hong Kong. Right after dinner, the children had a great time playing with David’s massive collection of lego!

20141231_215328 (2)

We did not plan to stay late but the children were having so much fun and we realised right where we were overlooking the Bishan Park, we would literally view the fireworks right in front of us! Too tempting to resist so we imposed on Gina and David’s hospitality just a tad longer!

As part of the Countdown festivities, apparently the Prime Minister would also appear downstairs at the park and join in to help to set a record in the most number of people wearing balloons hats at the same time! So when the husband went down to repark the car since we were staying longer, he trooped over to see what was happening and came back with all these “chicken heads” for the children to wear!

So hilarious looking! Imagine the PM also wearing this! aigoo!

20141231_223414 (2)

I must say the “chicken head” looked so much better on my son’s head compared to the PM’s!

20141231_222423 (2)

The fireworks came on at midnight and for first time, we were viewing the fireworks from a angle higher than it! It was beautiful. And from our height, we could also see fireworks going off in Danga Bay, JB Central, maybe somewhere in Pasir Ris! We could also walked to the other side and see a wee bit of the fireworks going off in Marina Bay!

Just realised I was so busy ooh-ing and aah-ing at the fireworks that I did not have a single shot of them!

Spent the New Year’s Day resting at home and busy labelling all the children’s books in preparation for the first day of school the next day!

First day!

See the cute contrast 4 years ago when the little guy started nursery!


If we were to put him in a school bus to go to school in the morning, the bus would come at 6.10am which meant he would need to get up at 5.45am. That is really way too early in our books so we decided we would attempt to send him in the mornings. The journey there was pretty fast, took us only 20 mins but that was just to get into queue to drop the boys which was a whopping 15 mins! *Sweat*

And the school had a “strictly-no-parents” rule for the first few days! I guess I could understand where the school was coming from. But surely given that the first day was week zero, the school should not deprive the parents of just being paparazzi for a day, stalking the kids, taking a look at the classroom, at the classmates, capturing a shot of the chap buying his first bowl of food from the canteen?!? Anyway…

Could only take a shot of him waiting for the older boys to bring him to the classroom and that was the last I saw of him that morning!


Instead I made my way to the little girl’s school and watched in regret how the other P1 parents were enjoying their little pursuits of stalking their children! The perk of the morning was when I spotted my little P3 girl on her way to the canteen, which after her initial surprise of seeing me, promptly waved goodbye and ran off with her bestie! *sulks*

I went home and vegetated until the children came home respectively. All in all, a rather uneventful first day of school I must say!

Forest Adventure at Bedok Reservoir

Late last year in 2013, we also took a trip to Bedok Reservoir to try out this outdoor adventure course done perhaps 3 metres off the ground! We went with a small group of Talia Ann’s classmates and the little girl was all raring to go while the little guy was a little apprehensive!

It took a good 5-7 minutes to get the protective gear on them and they were briefed as to how to handle the hook that will prevent them from plunging to the ground *gasp*! and off they went, climbing the stairs up to begin the course.

Barely 5 minutes after they started, the little boy slipped and got his leg stuck in between the planks! It was panic big time, both for him and for us watching him from the ground (that explained why there was no pic of that!). He couldn’t stop crying for a while and held up the group of children behind him. But with our encouragement, he gingerly extracted his leg and slowly stood up and continued, all the while choking back his tears, even before the instructor could make his way to him to help him! I was so very proud of him at the moment!

Being shorter, he could only hang on to the hook and in a way, I would imagine feel a lot more unsteady compared to his sister who was tall enough to hold on to the line instead.

and that made me all the more prouder of him as he was able to manoeuvre his way through all the obstacles.

Talia Ann was just as good as she confidently conquer one obstacle after another!

Crossing the log.

More logs. Swinging ones this time.

At this point, we were all starting to develop a strained neck of sorts!

As the children gained more confidence, the progress was also faster!

At the end of the course, they will all do a flying fox and land in a sand pit. That, I have been told, by the kids no less, was the highlight of the entire forest adventure!

Really an excellent opportunity for children to build confidence, to rely on themselves to solve problems and ultimately feeling proud that they have yet conquer another obstacle! If you have not brought your children to try this out yet, what are you still waiting for?

Thaddeus Aaron at 5.5 years old

And so the little boy is about five and a half years old now.

If he has a choice, he would rather be home playing all day rather than to go to school, which he exclaims to me that “it’s boring!” *sweat*

There is nothing he likes more than mentally challenging games like Rush Hour and he can be at it for hours!

or IQ gaming, which he is now at erm level 103?

He also enjoys craft like his sister and we sewed some really nifty dolls for ourselves that time!

We switched him to another kindergarten in K1 just for distance’s sake and visited the open house end-2013 for some of the art projects he did!

Another favourite hobby of his is reading! and most favourite books? The comics The Young Scientist and Science adventures! He has read up all the Level 2s and I think I would have to buy Level 3s for him soon! Just got him hooked to Geronimo Stilton recently! Yeah!

I finally got them a swimming coach and hopefully can pick up swimming again and the other sports he really likes is blading! I just wish we have more time to do it though!

He is at a point where he seems to have info overload in his head and dying to spill everything he knows to me the minute he sees me! and the way he explains things in his logic right now is interesting yet hilarious! I am just so enjoying him right now!

Eatplaylove Cafe

Couple of months ago, together with Trix, we brought the kids to Eatplaylove Café. It’s a little café around Arab Street where kids can have a free hand in making crafts while parents can chomp down on delectable delights peacefully. Even the concept alone was highly appealing, without even first tasting the food!

We made reservations for a Saturday afternoon and as expected, the place was pretty crowded and buzzling. Guess word goes around fast for a idea as ingenious as this!

There were crafting tables on both ends of the café, one side with a slightly larger table. And that side has a pretty wall decorated with many crafting ideas and materials, even crafting books!

The adults plonked ourselves at the tables after ordering food and paying a nominal fee for the kids to craft and the kids wasted no time to get their hands all dirty, literally!

The little girl with the hand-made ice cream and spaghetti necklace!

Both trying to make a caterpillar!

The girls cutting and pasting and decorating! Don’t ask me where the boys were!

We spent a happy 3-4 hrs there! Bellies full of yummy food and a big bag of crafts to show for when we were leaving. Definitely a place we will visit again!

Round up of first semester

And so, the first semester went off rather uneventfully, at least for the girl I guess. She is really enjoying school and I am glad of that!

I had a little bit of a scare when hanyu pinyin came charging at us as soon as school started. She has been going to Berries and I was hoping that would help and I think it did. Still, the fact that I didn’t persisted in trying to speak to her in Mandarin came back to haunt me! She speaks with an accent and has very limited vocabulary. Promised myself that I will work harder at speaking Mandarin with her.

The Parents-Teacher-Meeting was uneventful as well, except that her Maths’ score came back not as ideal because the Topical Review that had the highest weightage was also the one she had the most careless mistakes ever. I think the idea of checking hasn’t quite sunk in yet. The more surprising thing is that she did ok for her Mandarin, English was ok as well, both in band 1.

I thought that the form teacher’s approach was rather holistic as well and I was not told to go buck up on her Maths and all that as well. She was completely aware that it was careless mistakes and not that she did not understand the concepts. She also said she would give a bunch a girls in the class more worksheets to stretch them, Talia Ann included. Not sure if I like the “more worksheets” bit but I like how she communicated that to me.

She also spent a lot of time talking about how the little girl behaved in class, how she got along with her classmates, which areas she’s great at and which areas she need to work on.  I like that she did not just focused on academics!

So far I have been pleased with the school, the homework seriously has been very manageable, in fact I think less than some of my friends with kids in other schools, branded or neighbourhood, which is a great way to go! I hope this keeps up for the rest of the year as well!






A brand new beginning…

I woke up at 6am that day, Wednesday 2nd Jan. Went over to her bed and saw how that little face in still in deep sleep. My thoughts fleeted back to a similar day 4 years ago when she was 2 years one months old and waking her up for her first day at pre-nursery. It was a sweet memory, same cherubic face, same sweetie but argh! now no longer a pre-schooler! And about to make her first foray into the big bad world all by herself!

She drowsily woke up but immediately perked up when she realised its time for her first day at primary school. We rushed through the morning rituals and dashed down to try and catch the school bus which is due to come at 6.40am.

My phone showed 6.39am when I was walking towards the gate but I saw a huge group of women walking back, I think something was amiss and indeed! We have MISSED the school bus. Not a very good start I must say, we went back and drove her to school. We live 3 bus stops from the school but the queues getting into the school was at least a 10 to 15 mins wait! Then another booboo, I forgot to write her returning bus number on her tag so rushed to try to find her in the sea of girls! *sweat*

After that I did not see her anymore. All the parents were ushered to the hall for briefing and I left halfway so as to bring the little boy to his new kindergarten for his first day as well!

A check with the other parents on the second day revealed that the school kept the parents in the school hall until about 10 minutes to the end of the recess so most of them did not manage to spot their girls as well. I guess there were some grumbles about that so on the second day, we were all allowed to leave in time for recess to observe what goes on!

TADA! Spotted her on the way to recess!

We were also not allowed within 100 metres from the classrooms at all these two days! So with the recess opportunity, the parents made a beeline for the classrooms!

Happy with her new school!

I think the school did a good job with the first two days. It was orderly and the kids were settled in very fast. The brand new school compound is huge and looks fantastic! It was by the pure grace of God that we managed to get her into this school so I think by God’s grace also she will have a great primary school life here!

Children’s Season 2012: National Museum of Singapore

The June holidays are here! Not so yeah for me as it means one month of WW3 at home! But still to celebrate the start of the school holidays we made an impromptu trip to the National Museum Open House for the Children’s Season. Admission is free during the Open House, if not you gotta pay $5 per person to get in.

This year’s theme is Island Adventures and there isn’t much on the webbie so we really didn’t know what to expect. We went to the Children’s Season at the National Museum last year and till now, the children asked about when they can go again. That’s how much fun they had last year.

With me at the wheel *ahem* (kids automatically say a prayer to ask God to pls not let us get lost when I am driving…), we drove towards the museum from church and the silly guard did not allow me to go into the carpark. Panicking I drove behind and realised viola, i can park for free too at the Fort Canning car park on Sundays! YEAH!

When we walked in, we realised there was a craft session going on. You are supposed to colour your own Island Adventure badge! The badge will be made on the spot! (Spot Talia wearing her own badge later!)

The children colouring diligently away at their own badge.

Our timing was perfect too as there was a story telling session “Island Tales” at 11.30am by Roger Jenkins. He was good! Had the children entralled as he spun tales from the colourful legends from Singapore’s past. But I think my helper enjoyed it more! She was chuckling and beating my thighs from mirth throughout and not surprisingly she told me the best thing for her that day was the story telling! (-_-;)

We went down to Level 1 to “Ahoy! All onboard” which is a mock up of a boat that the early settlers would have taken to come to the shores of Singapore. There were some installations that the children could fiddle with.

The children using brushes to discover gems hidden in the sand!

But what was more interesting was “Island Adventures – Roving Acts” (Every Sat and Sun, 10.45am, 12.15pm and 2.15pm – 30 mins) where mysterious characters from the past will appear to interact with the children and they bring the history of the early settlers vividly to the children. Interesting and educational!

First up was this Indian chettiar. He passed out pots to the children and commanded them to help him polish up!

Then Madam Farquhar came on board the boat. She was eternally sea sick and have lots of knick knacks from candle snuffer to lingerie to show the children.

Then this Indian stowaway appeared and wanted the children to help her find a best spot to hide!

Up last was this pirate banishing a sword and wanted the children to hand over all their treasures!

By this time it was 12.45pm and we trooped out to POMO to have a simple lunch of Thai food. When we got back, we stopped at the Salon Foyer and had some fun at the magnetic wall where the children could stick up past buildings to “explore, interpret and transform Singapore’s landscape”. That only held the children’s interest for perhaps 5 mins and we went into the Salon for “Port City”.

Here the installations were of little kampung houses and a street scene where early hawkers would peddle their wares in the streets.

There is also little fun corner where the children could try their hand at fishing!

The two kiddos immediately wanted to try out street peddling!

Cooking noodles!

Dishing out the noodles!

Pouring out tea!

Pouring out more tea!

Home delivery!

and the little man tried his hand at being a coolie!

And then the “Roving Acts” started again! With brand new characters!

A Chinese letter writer appeared and asked the children to write their name in Mandarin which they all gamely obliged!

An Indian merchant selling spices appeared and taught the children the different spices!

and then this nun came running out and the Indian merchant said the one thing that Talia said was the best moment for her the whole day! He said:”Hey! Why are you out running around dressed like a zebra?” I don’t know what was so funny about this but it tickled the little girl’s funny bone and she laughed and laughed and laughed! 🙂

There were altogether 8 characters that would be involved in the Roving Acts but I forgot to take pic of one of them. Anyhow, the kids had a blast of a time. I enjoyed the interactive manner with which this year’s Island Adventures were conducted. The next Open House would be on 23/24 June and I am tempted to just bring the children to go again if we have time!

Little Thad at 3.5 years old.

Thaddeus reading a book we borrowed from the library

i can’t believe that I kept this under “work-in-process” and totally forgotten about it!

The little guy is into reading! In fact, very much into reading.

Just like his sister at this age, he is too eager to get whatever is in his head out as fast as possible and tends to stutter at the beginning of his sentences now. I pray it would all go away in due course as the mouth catches up with the brain!

When he gets upset with anyone of us, he retaliates by declaring that he is not inviting you to his birthday party! And that includes me, after i gently reminded him that if I am not invited, there would be no one to pack his goody bags, after solemnly thinking it through, he said “mummy must pack all the goody bags FIRST even if she is not going to the party!”