Bonding session

The other night, I was sitting on the bed and using a mini massager to massage my aching hamstrings. Talia Ann came into the room, saw what I was doing and said, “Daddy, massage for me.” She always asked her grandma to massage her back for her.

She didn’t ask correctly. So, I looked at her, keeping quiet. She pondered for a short while and asked again, “Daddy, massage for me…PLEASE!”

Of course I was glad to. Before I could say “Ok”, she was already flat on her tummy. I move the mini 3 legged massager from her shoulder, down her back, onto her little butt, down her legs and did a little foot reflexology before moving it up the body again.

After a few rounds up and down the body, I said “Daddy’s turn”.

Talia said, “Ok, I massage for you.” She paused and said, “I do very good one ok. You lay down first”

She tried her best moving the mini massager around my shoulder and down my back. However, when it reaches my butt, she had to shift her whole body so that she can reach my aching hamstrings. Then she shifted again to do the foot reflexology. For each stroke from shoulder to toes, she has to shift 3 times. After a few strokes, she sighed and said “Daddy, why your body so looooooooong one.”

It was just a simple comment, but the way she said it triggered my funny bone and I laughed so hard as if the laughing spirit is all over me. She kept asking “what happened daddy?” How do I explain to her? Nay, daddy has no choice but to tickle her and both of us rolled around having a wonderful time laughing and tickling each other. You can’t plan for such wonderful moments in life.

Pachelbel’s Canon ( パッヘルベルのカノン)

17 months ago, I posted a Pachelbel’s Canon clip by DEPAPEPE, still love that awesome remix.

Today, I saw something that surprised me. It’s the story of a deaf and mute girl who learns to play the violin against all odds. She played my favorite piece of music, Canon in D by Pachelbel, which was our wedding march-in song.

There is a little message in this video clip. Don’t miss it.

Inspiring I hope. Different people may notice different messages, depending on their priorities. Anyway, we all have dreams…if we put our heart and keep believing, each one of us can shine. Just like the Adv., but with or without the ‘product’.

Yesterday, I bought a book “The Dream Giver” by Bruce Wilkinson onboard of MV Doulos. By now, many people would have known the author, however, the first time I met him was on the 1st Sunday of 1990. Bruce was the guest speaker invited by Pastor Lawerence Khong to preach the new year message for Faith Community Baptist Church (FCBC). He preached about the Jabez’s Prayer. That sermon inspired a 3,000+ church to grow into a 10,000+ in less than a decade. That church impacted many nations during that decade. It was later published into a book and I think it was a best seller for a while.

The Jabez’s Prayer impacted my life greatly in the 90’s, but I’ve lost sight of it. Perhaps, I’ve lost sight of “The Dream Giver”. I’m going to read the book on my great white throne later.

Ok, I shall leave you tonight with another version of Pachelbel’s Canon played on an electric violin by sori1004jy whose youtube account was suspended. Listen to it before it’s banned again.

Kim Ji Youn (김지연, also known as SORI1004JY) is a very humble and modest Christian electronic violinist from Seoul, South Korea.

Her favorite bible verse is Psalm 150:6.

“Let everything that has breath praise the LORD. Praise the LORD!” (Psalm 150:6)

“凡有气息的,都要赞美耶和华。你们要赞美耶和华。”(诗篇 150 : 6)

“호흡이 있는 자마다 여호와를 찬양 할찌어다 할렐루야 !” (시편 150: 6)

“息あるものはこぞって 主を 贊美せよ. ハレルヤ .”(詩篇 150 : 6)

“Alles, was Odem hat, lobe den Herrn! Halleluja” (Psalm 150 : 6)

“Todo lo que respira alabe al SEÑOR. ¡Aleluya! (Salmo 150:6)”

If you know Psalm 150:6 in other languages, post it in the comment and I’ll include it above.

Enjoy the music again, recall your dream, remember the dream giver and live your dream. Yes, you can SHINE!

My prince 莊恩泽 Thaddeus Aaron Chung

My prince, 恩泽 was born on 15 July 2008. We love the Chinese name that we were inspired with and when we seek out the meaning, we were in awe.

〖bounty,favor received from above〗君主赐给予臣民的恩惠,如雨泽润物

恩 is grace or favor
泽雨 (润泽万物之雨) is the rain that nourishes all things under the sun.

Lovely isn’t it. Talia (曦 恩) is the dew of Heaven and 恩泽 the heavenly rain of favor from above.

That’s not all, it’s also an official court title. 恩泽侯, 皇帝私恩而获封为侯爵者. i.e. Duke of Grace from above, a personal title awarded by the emperor. It is a title that you cannot earn/work for, you can only receive it by grace. How biblical. Our position in Christ is indeed by the grace of God. We are made princes, by the completed work of Christ and not of our works lest any man should boast.

恩泽’s english name is Thaddeus Aaron. Thaddeus is a Hebrew name. It means, the gift of God, Valiant and Wise. In Greek it means Courageous. My Thaddeus is a gift of God, a courageous & wise Prince of Grace. Amen!

Thaddeus is also the name of St Thaddeus (St Jude), one of the 12 apostles and a cousin of Christ through Joseph’s side of the family. He preached the Gospel in Judea, Samaria, Idumaea, Syria, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Lybia and Persia. He suffered martyrdom in Armenia, but was credited for the final conversion of the Armenian nation to Christianity and that eventually gave birth to the Orthodox Church.

St. Jude Thaddeus may also have been the author of the letter of Jude which was written by a man passionately concerned both about the purity of the Christian faith and the good reputation of Christian people and warns against corrupt influences that have crept in.

Aaron is the 1st high priest of Israel. The meaning of the name is exalted, “mountain of strength” and shining light.

I want my boy to grow up knowing his position in Christ. By the grace of God, he is a king serving our King of kings, Christ Jesus. He is also to be a priest to his family, a mountain of strength and a shining light.

I know God has great plans for 恩泽 and my role is to guide him and to prepare him for the challenges. It’s a wonderful experience fathering a son.

BTW, 恩泽 in Japanese is おん たく — ON TAKU.

Shout to The Lord

Sister Darlene Zschech was in our church last Sunday leading us in worship. It’s a celebration worship a week after we raised S$18 millions for our new church building in a single day of giving on 20th April 2008.

Praise God for blessing the hearts of the people who gave joyfully and sacrificially. It’s only possible because Jesus is in the heart of each of the givers. Jesus is the reason we gave, because He first gave us His all.

I also learned that Darlene’s song “Shout to the Lord” was sang on American Idols’ Idol Gives Back. I’ve not watched Americian idol for a few years so I decided to I google for it.

Shout to the Lord (Jesus Christ) written by Darlene Zschech

Awesome isn’t it. The inspired song that was sang in churches all over the world on sunday will reach hundreds of millions of viewers all over the world as they watch the program.

The sickening part of the show was a comedian coming up on the stage and shouted the fxxk word 4 times immediately after the song. It’s so classless and totally reflects the lack of taste of the producer and the company he/she works for. The company also striped Jesus from the song. They sang “My Shepherd, My Savior” instead of “My Jesus, My Savior”, thus reducing the song to exalt any gods/lords.

Well, God’s way is always above our ways. When I pray about it, I have great peace in my heart knowing that an inspired song will strike a chord in the hearts of many. People will start searching “Shout to the Lord”, download or purchase a CD and listen to the real Jesus the song praise.

In case you are reading this because you are searching “Shout to the Lord“, I’ve included some clips of Shout to the Lord and some of other wonderful songs written and sang by Darlene and the Hillsong musicians.

Shout to the Lord – Shout Praises! Kids

Here I am to worship – Tim & Darlene

Jesus Lover of my soul – Darlene and Hillsong team

This is one of my favourite song. I can’t stop singing it. I actually memorised it when I was on a mission trip in Port Elizebeth, South Africa. I was singing it as I walked towards the cape point at Cape of Good Hope. To the end of the world…almost.

The potter’s hand – Darlene & the Hillsongs team

Shout to the Lord – Darlene Zschech

Talia said “Ba Ba!”

While I was going up the stairs just now, my princess called out to me “Ba Ba!”. She probably wanted me to stay and play with her.

I could not believe my ears, I asked our helper who was carrying her at that moment and she said she heard “ba ba!” too. My mum got excited and came over, all three of us tried to make Talia say “ba ba” again, but she decided to shut her mouth tight by gumming her upper lip over her lower lip…just like when she refused medicine.

Anyway, I was thrilled. My Talia Girl uttered her 1st audible human word at 7th mth and 24 days.

In case you are wondering why was it ‘Ba ba’ and not ‘Pa pa’, that’s because Talia Ann is a teochew girl (潮州妹). I’m glad she recognises her roots at such a tender age.

Talia is 6 already!

Ok, 6 mths old…still 6 right? Look at my lovely girl. She seems almost ready for kindergarden in this outfit Jaime choose for her. I’ve always like Japanese Girl’s school uniform, so kawaii ( 可愛い ).

Talia Ann in Japanese school uniform

Talia Ann 曦 恩

Can you imagine she was once an infant like this? ….just 180 days ago?

Talie Talia Ann 曦 恩 (Day 2)

Anyway, so many good things has happened in the last 6 months. We were so blessed in every little thing we do. Talia is such a sweet baby to care for. No cranky moods, no colic, no fevers, nothing to cause us any stress, just heaps of smiles and laughter that brighten our days.

We were blessed with an experienced & motherly CL (Confinement Lady) and now a kind & eager helper who can cook. It’s all God’s provision & protection.

God’s favour is really all over us. Just last weekend, Jaime & I went for a sponsored event screening “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End” with buffet dinner & wine provided. There was a mini lucky draw and guess what, the first name (out of two) called was my name. It was just a simple prize (a pair of Gold Class ticket), but we were thrilled that Daddy surprises us even in such little ways when we are out for a date.

If you happen to pick up the June issue of Young Parents magazine, you will also chance upon a cute little picture of Talia Ann and an interview with her daddy about fatherhood. Talia’s first appearance on print.

Quickly! Grab a copy of Young Parents.

Since Daddy surprises me in little ways, I must learn to surprise my Talia girl with a mini-birthday party tonight…to celebrate her 6 mths old from birth. I’m going off to grab a cake now!

Pray till fall asleep?

I found my girl praying till she fall asleep. I wonder what was she praying? To start semi-solid? She keep drooling recently when she saw us eating. I learned that it’s a sign she is ready for real food, glorious food!

Talia saying a prayer

Maybe she is praying that Daddy will let her suck her little fingers. What ever it is, I’m glad she is praying instead of fingers sucking.

Talia’s first step (10th May 2007)

My Talia girl took her first baby step today. She crawled! Praise the Lord!

Initially, she bounced her body using her stomach. Then she pushed up her chest using her hands (straighten) and finally she lifted up her backside and pushed her body forward. I was thrilled.

I did not managed to capture it digitally as I didn’t want to miss the real actions. Here are some photos taken this morning.

Talia 10 may 2007

I’m in surfing paradise!

Talia 10 may 2007

Who needs a surf board when I have a white seal?

Talia 10 may 2007

Did you see me flip? That was fun!

Talia 10 may 2007

Daddy, are you done yet? I’m sleepy already.

Overdose on Amazing Grace

The movie Amazing Grace hit the screen on 23/02/07, but it’s not going to screen in any of Singapore’s theaters.

Catch the movie else where if you can. For those who can’t, I got the above movie trailer for you.

At the end of the trailer, you will see “23/02/2007 EVERWHERE”….well, except Singapore. Guess why?

Anyway, want more? Here is Chris Tomlin’s version of the old-favorite Amazing Grace. Lovely!

Am I not a man and a brother

The Amazing Grace Study Guide

If you want to learn more about the movie, here is The Amazing Grace Study Guide, it’s a valuable tool to learn about abolitionist, William Wilberforce before viewing the film. Ideal for guiding 9 – 12 yrs old.

The Amazing Grace Faith Guide

There is also a tool for church leaders. The Amazing Grace Faith Guide would help you learn about the impact of William Wiberforce’s fath, courage and compassion. It’s good for engaging adults and late teens, or even for outreach. There is a video clip that go along with the Faith Guide (Download Video).
Amazing Grace Sheet Music

Click on the sheet music image to download a sheet music for the Hymm Amazing Grace. There are currently 972 arrangements of the song and more than 1,100 available albums which feature versions of Amazing Grace.

Guess what, Arlo Guthrie performed Amazing Grcae on the opening night of Woodstock.

Modern Day Slavery

Many people find it hard to believe that slavery still exists. Whether it’s bonded slavery with men, women and children toiling on plantations, in rice mills, brick kilns and many other industries; or, the deplorable and prevalent trade in humans to serve as sex slaves, slavery is flourishing in many parts of the world. Yes, even in the streets of Singapore e.g. Geylang.

It is still every bit as ugly as it was 200 years ago and it must end.

“It’s estimated that 27 million people are in slavery around the world”
Sourced by the UN, New York Times, Amnesty International and Free The Slaves, among others.

Did you know that there are more slaves in the world today than during all 400 years of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade?

Now that you know, you cannot go on pretending it does not exist. As a human being, what are you going to do about it? A FREE man celebrate and embrace freedom in everything he/she does. An ensalved mind ignored it.

If you are a FREE man/woman, find out more via The Amazing Change website. Inspired by the film Amazing Grace, The Amazing Change is a campaign to carry on Wilberforce’s vision of Mercy and Justice.

Who was Wilberforce

Baby Blessing: Talia Ann

Date: 22nd Apr 2007

Today is a special day, Daddy & Mummy stand before God, together with Pastor Mathews and a gathering of witnesses to declares God’s blessings, protection & favours over Talia Ann.

I was reminded that I am the head of the family and should walk in the authority as a Priest of the family. Not that a father must be a Bible scholar preaching daily at home, the authority of a Priest is to declare the promises and blessings over the family. It is my responsibility to lead the family to look towards the completed works of Christ and be established in His righteousness.

Pastor Mathews prayed for daddy, mummy and Talia Ann, releasing annointing over us as parents and blessings our baby Talia.

Talia Ann

Since the baby blessing was conducted in the lounge where new believers were usually counselled. I decided to snap a shot of Talia with the new convert sign.

Talia asked me via her surprised expression, “Am I Saint Talia Ann now?”