Fun December 2013!

The school holidays of December 2013 was packed with fun! We went for 2 staycations, a 5-day trip to KL and a 9-day trip to Bali. I shall save the Bali trip for another post.

We have been to the Changi Village hotel many times for staycation. We like the rustic charm and laid-back pace of the place. The rooftop pool is a favourite of the kids but since we decided we are not going to go to Ubin this time round, we had time to check out the pool on the ground floor which has a fish-tank concept.

The gleeful boy took many trips up and down the “tank” for me to take pics and videos which he had big laughs after when admiring them!

We also spent a whole lazy morning at the beach just chilling out!

There were folks fishing, whole families camping out, joggers, but it looks like we are the only family there on the sand!

The little man looking introspective!

We went back to the hotel to wash up and could even make it for 3rd service at church! ha!

The next weekend we were at RWS Sentosa for a 3-day staycation to celebrate the little girl’s birthday, along with all her Dec-babies friends, actually for a mass Dec-babies birthday celebration!

The first day we spent the whole day at Universal studios.

The mummies could even sneak out for a girls’ night out that night! Even went shopping at Victoria Secrets together! Hilarious event! Woohoo!

The next day we were at Sentosa Cove! It started raining at 2 plus in the afternoon so the day was cut short! but still my two little ones could go do snorkelling again for a second time! That was to them the highlights of the day!

The third day which was also Talia Ann’s actual birthday (and also Audrey’s), we had a birthday celebration at breakfast!

Oh! just look at them! just look at how much they have grown!

Some of the mummies even prepared nice pressies for the birthday boys and girls and goodie bags for the rest of the children! Sure made every kid a happy kid that morning!

After breakfast, it was to the S.E.A aquarium. We trooped along with those who had the RWS Invites Cards and could walk through the Maritime Museum, enjoy the Typhoon Theatre again to get into the aquarium.

Mine are always fascinated with these interactive games!

and then it was fish galore!

And just 4 days later, we took a road trip up to KL. This is our third time to Kidzania but the first time that we are going with so many friends! 5 families to be exact!

This time we spent 3 whole different sessions at Kidzania over 3 days and even at the end of the third session, the kids were reluctant to leave the place. Just poor us parents who literally vegetated over that 3 days!

They had fun staging a musical where the girl played Dora and the boy was dressed up as a monkey.

And also tried their hands at being news casters. Forgetful mummy forgot to buy a CD of the recording though! oops!

We also spent one whole Saturday shopping at Sungei Wang (while some of the rest of the families continue their 4th or 5th sessions at Kidzania! *grins*).

The boy met Ironman in one of the malls!

We also ate lots of good food and I told the kids this will be our last time at KL Kidzania (I think 3 times is more than enough?) and should we go again, it would either be to the one that is going to be opened in Singapore or we go to the one at Bangkok!

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