Forest Adventure at Bedok Reservoir

Late last year in 2013, we also took a trip to Bedok Reservoir to try out this outdoor adventure course done perhaps 3 metres off the ground! We went with a small group of Talia Ann’s classmates and the little girl was all raring to go while the little guy was a little apprehensive!

It took a good 5-7 minutes to get the protective gear on them and they were briefed as to how to handle the hook that will prevent them from plunging to the ground *gasp*! and off they went, climbing the stairs up to begin the course.

Barely 5 minutes after they started, the little boy slipped and got his leg stuck in between the planks! It was panic big time, both for him and for us watching him from the ground (that explained why there was no pic of that!). He couldn’t stop crying for a while and held up the group of children behind him. But with our encouragement, he gingerly extracted his leg and slowly stood up and continued, all the while choking back his tears, even before the instructor could make his way to him to help him! I was so very proud of him at the moment!

Being shorter, he could only hang on to the hook and in a way, I would imagine feel a lot more unsteady compared to his sister who was tall enough to hold on to the line instead.

and that made me all the more prouder of him as he was able to manoeuvre his way through all the obstacles.

Talia Ann was just as good as she confidently conquer one obstacle after another!

Crossing the log.

More logs. Swinging ones this time.

At this point, we were all starting to develop a strained neck of sorts!

As the children gained more confidence, the progress was also faster!

At the end of the course, they will all do a flying fox and land in a sand pit. That, I have been told, by the kids no less, was the highlight of the entire forest adventure!

Really an excellent opportunity for children to build confidence, to rely on themselves to solve problems and ultimately feeling proud that they have yet conquer another obstacle! If you have not brought your children to try this out yet, what are you still waiting for?

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