Goodbye Auntie Rose!

Just about 5 days before we left for our vacation to the US which was in late May, our faithful helper of 7.5 years went home! She was planning to go home to get married and we were happy for her.

She came when Talia Ann was about 2.5 months old, on 14 Feb 2007. I remembered what happened the next morning and this is a story I often retell to the children and will have them in stitches. At 6.45am the next day, we heard loud scrubbing noises in the balcony. Rose was up and scrubbing the balcony floor! Shortly after that, we smelled fried rice coming from the kitchen downstairs. She was frying the rice from last night for her breakfast! Over the years, she acquired the taste for bread for breakfasts and thankfully we do not have to smell fried rice at 7am in the mornings!

The first three months was challenging as we had difficulty communicating with each other. I got around this by writing my instructions on a white board. Due to the speed with which I spoke and the accent, it has hard for her to understand me but once it is written down, it became crystal clear, helped in no small measure by the English-Burmese dictionary she kept handy!

She practically helped me raise both my kids as I returned to work after my maternity leave both times. I thank God for her! I remembered her telling me how apprehensive she was about the family she was going for work for when she was coming out to work and prayed very hard and I told her I was praying very hard over here as well!

This picture was taken in a photo shoot we took with her in April.


In May, her cousin who was recommended by her came to our house to take over and after 3 weeks of “training” with Rose, she left! It was bittersweet at the airport, while we were happy for her, the children were so sad to see her go! and for me, I lose a helper/companion who knew my children as well as me and who love Cookie as much as me!

The 3 weeks in the US were in a way very good as it was a break from our normal routine and helped to distract the kids.

To our greatest surprise, she was back in Singapore in September and was able to share my grief over Cookie’s passing and my mother-in-law’s passing in late September as well. Her presence was a source of comfort to both the kids and me!

I remembered I went into a crying fit post the funeral as I could not find the hand-made baby booties and socks that my late mil made for the children, and just one call to her, she pointed us to the box and where it was kept! What a relief it was!

Good helpers are hard to come by and I am glad to have met Rose, to have gotten her help for the past 7.5 years and I pray God will continue to bless her. And I know we will continue to keep in touch!

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