Cookie girl!

This little darling came into my life when she was just 3 months old and I have just been married for 3 months at that time. In fact, she was born on 31 Mar 2003, 5 days before I got married.

This was what she looked like when she first came.


Scruffy, tiny ball of fur! and I remembered the first night she was home, we left her downstairs in the balcony in her cage and she was crying and whining. We guessed she was missing her mummy and sister. So we took her upstairs into our room for the night, still in her cage and she quietened down.

At 1 year old, she was less scruffy looking! She was a feisty little girl who fancied herself a husky trapped in a maltese’s body. She would attempt to mount other dogs, sometimes even bigger ones just to show her dominance! Imagine my horror! But she was lovely with humans, affectionate and obedient.


This is one of the few early pictures of me and her! I love to see how young I used to be and how adorable she looks!


She spent the first 3 years of her life with us enjoying our full attention before the children came. To be honest, I had no plans for children actually. Cookie girl drew out all my maternal instincts and up till this day, I regarded her as my eldest daughter.

We took her to many doggie gatherings for her to socialise!


Can you spot her?

We invested time in training her and she can do tricks like bang! (to play dead), roll, hold and so many other tricks so well that she never fails to impress people who saw them. We were hosting care groups at our place during those couple of years and she would always lie down quietly beside me when care groups are going on. Even many years after all those care group days, some members could still remember her fondly.

We brought her out to the beach at Sentosa! She swam, she ran like mad on the beach! What fun she had!

We took lots of pics of her!



Enjoyed all her antics! like this poking her head through the railings to spy on happenings downstairs!


She even went to the cinemas and even to church once with us. That is because she is so quiet that when she is in her doggie bag (which does not look like a doggie bag incidentally) nobody actually knows a doggie is inside. Besides, she is very obedient when it comes to paper training, so we only need to put newspapers on the floor and she would settle her business there!

The first 3 birthdays came and went very fast!

Her second birthday!

At her fourth birthday, Talia Ann has just been born and is a couple of months old! She adored the baby! Always following her and allowing the baby to sometimes terrorise her!


Sitting in the pram together with the baby when we go out for our walks.

Talia Ann walking Cookie girl!

Then it was her fifth birthday!


And then the second baby came and I had less and less time for her. Evident by how the number of photos I could find of her dwindling!

I can barely remember her being sick. Her only problem is her skin allergy which is brought on when she eats random food, most particularly human food. She is a foodie and would always paw me when I am at the dining table having my meals! As she grew older, she became more intolerant and sensitive that even some of the foods she used to be able to enjoy would trigger an allergy, like her favourite cheese cake. When she was about 10 years old, she had a particularly bad episode of skin allergy and when I brought her to the vet, I was told that a murmur could be heard in her heart!

I did not realised the seriousness of that and up till now, I still blame myself for not acting on that earlier. 2014 was a bad year for me in terms of my work. In the midst of grappling with work issues, Cookie started gasping/coughing intermittently and it took me a long while before I took her to the vet in July 2014. When I finally did, I was told by the vet that her heart has failed and is very much enlarged. It was a wake up call. She was to be on medication all her life to stay alive but I was hopeful as the vet said that many dogs could go on for quite long on medication even with heart failure. However, on one fateful night on 4 Sep 2014, she started gasping really badly and I took her into the vet late at night, not realising that she would never return home after that!

After the x-ray, the vet told me that her trachea has collapsed and they would try to open her airway but she would need to be in the oxygen tank that night. I left her curled up in the corner of the tank and went home and at 4am that morning, she left us. I could not stop crying for weeks after that. I wished I had not brought her in that night so that she could die in my arms, at home instead of that cold lonely oxygen tank by herself. Even the thought of that right now tears my heart into pieces!

It’s Christmas again and this is the first time in my married life that I am not spending it with her…

Remember our first tree Cookie? which we bought when the baby just came?

Merry Christmas my Cookie girl! I missed you so much!

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